Our Bamboo External Knot Removing cum Skin Finishing Machine is designed to clean the external knot as well as the outer skin of bamboo.
Removing of the outer skin and knot is very crucial for further operations on the bamboo. Their cleaning assures longer life of cutters and chisels.

The machine uses specially designed carbide tipped external knot removing cutter. The cutter is dynamically balanced and is suitable for all sizes of bamboo, i.e. up to 200 mm.
The machine is unique in itself, as for the first time it has been that easy to clean the outer skin and knot of the bamboo.

The operator has just to rotate the bamboo and move it along the axis, and the skin and knot are cleaned by the cutter, smoothly.

Material removal rate can be controlled by setting the stopper and hence even bent bamboos can be machined.